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2020 REEL

Hello! I've put together a few of my favorite shots to give you an idea of the work I've done. Let's get right to it. Here's a short reel of my work from the past year.

Respect This House

In 2019, I worked with Harding University to create a hype video for the 2019-20 basketball season. The black and white tones match the drama of a powerful voiceover from the university's late chancellor.

OneLife Wellness Center

In 2020, I worked with a new wellness center in Central Arkansas to help introduce their providers to the community.

Fidel & Co. Promo

Made to share on Instagram, this video highlights the activity and energy of Fidel & Co's first month of operation. 

Swearingen Weddings - Highlight Film

Since 2017, I've shot dozens of weddings for couples across the country. I put together short highlight films, sifting through hours of footage to tell the story of the day in around five minutes. 


I live in Little Rock, AR with my wife, Libbie. 

I've worked as a freelancer since 2017. I have a strong base in photography and there's a basic satisfaction to composing a pleasing image. With video, I'm always looking for that same satisfaction in the flow of the edit.  

If you're looking to get on a more personal level, or just want to learn a bit about a little videogame called Gris, here's a video I put together to sharpen my writing and editing skills. 

Thanks for your time and interest — it's flattering. 


Thanks for looking around. Below are some of the ways you can talk to me:
Email: eswearingen9@gmail.com
Tel: 937-654-6398
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